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We aim to be a top-notch technical partner helping you reduce time and cost for digital transformations of your business
Why Choose Us?
We will provide you with the best services based on our significant industry experience.
Highly skilled
We have established ourselves as professionals in our field, bringing top IT solutions to our clients.
Individual approach
Every company has its conception and motto. We work to develop unique solutions.
We grow for the future
Highly skilled professionals will help your business grow on par with the new technologies.
Our Services
What is IT Consulting?
What we do is help businesses achieve their goals using modern IT technologies. We listen to your needs and help you formalize the strategy, plan the implementation, and develop the solution. No matter whether it is a simple website with the company info or a complex automation system that is the critical core of your business.

Examples of problems from our clients:

  • I want to reduce the amount of manual work.
  • We do not have IT specialists but need a website or mobile application.
  • I want to improve my customer web services.
  • I want to speed up the warehouse operations and order processing.
  • I want to create our own IT team or improve the existing one.
What benefits you can get?
  • High-quality and reliable IT solutions. We implement solutions based on high industry standards providing the highest stability, reliability, and maintainability. We focus on your data safety and security.
  • No need to search, hire, and train specialized employees on your own. We can implement everything for you or help you build your own team.
  • We speak the same language as business and techies. Business people think differently and sometimes it's not easy to share all the important details with engineers. We can handle this so you can focus on high-level business tasks.
  • We are in Japan.
Case Study
Real-life examples
  • We need a website in three languages, with a modern look, to tell potential clients about the company and attract to contact us
    What was done: An analysis of the company’s current activities and future plans has been carried out, key advantages have been identified, website texts have been created, proofreading by native speakers, search engine optimization, and a convenient feedback form have been done.
    Results: 20% increase in the number of clients coming from the website.
  • Sales managers make many mistakes when processing orders, this leads to reduced processing speed and losses due to incorrect decisions
    What was done: Analysis and documentation of order processing flow, typical and rare scenarios, the existing IT system, and typical errors and problems were examined. A specialized subsystem was created to automate the work of salespeople, daily operations were streamlined, a convenient order processing interface was introduced, and control and statistics tools were improved.
    Results: 50% reduction in the number of errors and losses, acceleration of order processing by 20%.
  • A beginner company has a lot of manual work, it is extremely difficult to scale the business
    What was done: The company’s business was studied, and pain points and development directions were identified. An IT system was created from scratch, with quick delivery of the first version to production, gradual increase in functionality. It has automation for clients, administrators, sales people, and other business processes.
    Result: easy business expansion, hire new staff with no issues, and minimizing manual work.
  • The company has been operating for many years and has begun to develop a new complex IT system for its business; it requires the introduction of modern development and deployment practices, high-quality internal architecture and reliable infrastructure, security and fault tolerance of the solution
    What was done: Introduced modern development tools, a modern tech stack, modern development patterns, the architecture of system modules and data exchange between them has been developed, a cloud infrastructure has been created for the production system and to support development, measures have been taken to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system, to protect data from leaks or loss due to technical failures.
    Result: The system is launched into production; development team collaboration becomes effective; ease of scaling the development team; ease of scaling the business.
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